Lon Schneider, MD, MS

Lon S. Schneider, MD, MS, is professor of psychiatry, neurology, and gerontology at the Keck School of Medicine and Leonard Davis School of Gerontology of the University of Southern California; and holds the Della Martin Endowed Chair in Psychiatry and Neuroscience. He directs the USC California Alzheimer’s Disease Center (California Department of Health Services), the Geriatric Studies Center, and co-directs the clinical core of the USC NIA Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. He holds a master’s degree in applied biometry and epidemiology. His work involves treatment development with novel metabolic and neuroregenerative compounds, outcomes assessment, innovative approaches to modelling, clinical trials methods and simulations, and, recently, in silico screening of medications for slowing cognitive impairment in late life.

He is an associate editor or editorial board member of several publications, and serves on The Lancet Commission on dementia prevention, intervention, and care. Dr. Schneider is a Fellow of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, and a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.