Helps healthcare providers accurately identify and distinguish Alzheimer's Disease from other types of Dementia.

The Unmet Need for Definitive Diagnosis

The current diagnostic pathway can be highly subjective - especially in early stage disease - while presenting a high burden for patients, providers, and the healthcare system.
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Meeting the Need: The DISCERN™ Difference

A single step, autopsy-validated skin test.  In clinical trials, DISCERN™ demonstrated high accuracy, identifying Alzheimer’s disease in people recently diagnosed with dementia or living with mixed-dementia.

Is it Alzheimer’s, or is it something else? DISCERN™ provides objective data to address this long-standing diagnostic challenge.
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The Only AD Diagnostic That Targets the Biology of Memory

Only DISCERN™ targets the biological factors directly related to the function of memory. Biologically, the skin has the same embryonic origin as the brain, so the same neuropathological changes that cause AD are reflected in the skin. Through a simple 3mm skin punch biopsy, DISCERN™ accurately diagnoses AD by measuring three autopsy-validated biomarkers that reflect the disease effects in living skin cells and are specifically linked to factors that affect memory and the formation of synaptic connections:

The AD Index assay is a biochemical assay that measures the phosphorylation of Erk1 and Erk2 in response to the endogenous inflammatory signal, bradykinin.
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The Only Autopsy-Validated AD Test

DISCERN™ is backed by over a decade of clinical research conducted at the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute, where the biomarkers have been validated in human clinical trials and proved to be highly accurate in both detecting Alzheimer’s disease and differentiating it from other types of Dementia.

The Only AD Diagnostic That Targets the Biology of Memory

Over half of patients with Alzheimer’s disease had other causes of dementia at autopsy.  DISCERN™ can accurately identify if Alzheiemer’s is also present in patients living with other causes of dementia, including Lewy Body dementia, Parkinsons Dementia, and Vascular dementia.
How to offer the test to your patients

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