Patients and Caregivers

Is it Alzheimer’s, or is it something else? The accuracy of DISCERN™ can guide your clinician’s diagnosis.


DISCERN™ is a simple skin test, shown to accurately detect Alzheimer's Disease. It works well for people who have recently been diagnosed with different types of dementia, identifying the presence of Alzheimer's with over 95% accuracy.

This innovative test marks a significant advancement, giving doctors greater confidence in their treatment decisions, helping to reduce healthcare costs, and improving overall patient care outcomes.

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Is It Right for You (or Your Loved One)?

If you or a loved one are noticing issues with memory, it's important to discuss this with your healthcare professional. They can assist in deciding whether the DISCERN™ test is right for you.
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Is It Paid For by Medicare? Yes!

DISCERN™ is paid for by Medicare, Medicare Advantage and certain Medicaid plans.

At SYNAPS Dx, we don’t like surprises. We'll confirm your insurance coverage for DISCERN™  and and let you know if it will be paid for, before we begin the process.
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Ask Your Doctor About DISCERN™

DISCERN™ is now becoming available across the country. You can ask your doctor about the test or get in touch with us to find out where the test is available.
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