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Find out if DISCERN™ is the right choice for you or your loved one.
DISCERN™ is a combination of three tests performed on the same skin sample. DISCERN™ measures changes related to the brain’s networks of neurons and their connections (called synapses). These changes have been shown to be closely related to the memory problems seen in AD. Additionally, DISCERN™ results are related to the amyloid plaques and tangles which are the hallmarks found in the brains of AD patients upon death.

Is It Right for You (or Your Loved One)?
If you are experiencing dementia symptoms, it is important to understand if Alzheimer’s disease is the cause. There are several contributors to memory loss, some of which are modifiable and should be discussed with your healthcare provider. For example, drugs or supplements that you are taking may contribute to memory loss. Additionally, controlling other health conditions such as high blood pressure, depression or diabetes have been shown to improve memory. Finally, simple lifestyle practices, such as light exercise, using hearing aids and eye glasses have been shown to improve cognition in some adults. Even if AD is detected, controlling these factors may help slow cognitive decline.

There are a variety of resources to help you plan these include:
Alzheimer’s Association:
Dementia Society of America:

Is It Paid For by Medicare? Yes!
DISCERN™ is paid for by Medicare Fee-For-Service and many Medicare Advantage plans. To help you and your clinician decide to have the test performed, SynapsDx will perform an insurance discovery to determine if your test will be paid for by Medicare.

Ask Your Doctor About DISCERN™
DISCERN™ has been studied to identify AD in people diagnosed with dementia.  DISCERN™ has not been studied in people living with Mild Cognitive impairment or with a family history of AD.  If you have been diagnosed with dementia, DISCERN™ may provide important information for your care planning with a simple skin test.  If your healthcare provider doesn’t offer DISCERN™, we can help.  Please reach out to us using the contact form below.

What to Expect If Your Doctor Orders DISCERN™
As part of a routine visit, a small skin sample is taken from the upper forearm. Your clinician will ship the sample to our state-of-the-art testing facility where our scientists grow the skin cells and perform the DISCERN™ test, which could take 10-12 weeks.
The results will be provided back to your clinician who will review the findings with you and develop an appropriate care plan.
An accurate diagnosis is critical for planning your future and if it's not AD, your clinician can look for other causes of dementia which may include drug interactions, vitamin deficiency, Lyme or Thyroid disease, all of which may be treatable.
How to offer the test to your patients

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